Artes del Lenguaje en Inglés: The Giver (El Dador)

Artes del Lenguaje en Inglés: The Giver (El Dador)
Posted on 06/16/2015
GiverDurante nuestro último semestre del sexto grado, la clase entera ha estado leyendo y discutiendo la novela The Giver de Lois Lowry. La pregunta y el tema persistente en el libro es “¿Cómo es que las memorias acumuladas afectan y moldean nuestra identidad?” En una sociedad futurista e utópica, un niño de 12 años llamado Jonas vive con ciudadanos que sólo tiene memorias a corto plazo. En el pasado, las memorias se consideraban imperfectas y difíciles de controlar. Como resultado, en el mundo de Jonas, los mayores imponen las reglas. Sin sus memorias, los ciudadanos en el mundo de Jonas son incapaces de desarrollar sus propias identidades únicas.

The Giver generó una discusión en clase sobre cómo sería si no tuviéramos memorias a largo plazo y cómo nos afectaría. ¿Qué propósito tienen las memorias? A continuación Jack Keane reflexionó sobre el propósito y efecto de sus memorias, y cómo lo han moldeado.

A Meaningful Memory
By Jack Keane

Memories. If we didn’t have them, we would be stuck with nothing to ponder, tell, and only a future to worry about. That’s why it’s always important to cherish the moments you have, and everything you do. For many families, friendships, and relationships, lives change drastically in just a year. So, it is always mandatory to keep your precious times locked inside you, even if you think they’re worthless. Though not all memories are the most positive of thoughts, they are worth remembering, because you always need a few tears to weep, and a few thoughts to express.

Going to my favorite place in the middle of the winter felt a bit weird this year, and it was hard to think, because I was crying inside. Usually, whenever my family and I would drive over those roads and hills, it would be exciting, and we would all be in our greatest moods. This time, my two sisters, my dad, and I drove through the sleet, though we showed only the slightest trace of excitement. It was the only positive emotion we expressed, because soon we would be seeing my cousins and other family members. Nevertheless, we had to remember the reason we were actually there; my grandmother had just passed away. We all knew that the emotions we saw in our family’s faces and actions would not be what we were accustomed to seeing every summer.

When we arrived at the house in Baltrasna, Ireland, my uncle, my mom, and my aunt were the only ones still there. It was around 9:00 in the morning. My mom had arrived two days before we had. My whole body was stiff and numb from the two-hour car ride from the airport, and I was not in the mood to do anything. The car smelled like the airport, and all of our belongings smelled of an airplane. It’s strange how you don’t forget those scents. I went to sleep knowing the coming evening would suck all the energy and joy out of me.

I selected this memory because it’s a deep and a very important moment for me. It has taught me to move on and leave the bad bits of past behind me. From this experience, I now know how it feels to lose somebody you love, and it is a remembrance I will never forget.